hi, I’m awalvie, also known as vishesh in the real world and welcome to my little corner on the internet. I am starting this website as a way of motivating myself into making meaningful contributions to open source software, improve my writing skills (which you will be noticing throughout the blog are completely garbage) and being more accountable.

my weekends start with a nice

mkdir super_awesome_project

and end with

rm -rf ./super_awesome_project

The social skills I lack (as pointed out by my parents), I like to think I make up for by having a high amount of curiosity, love for computers and addiction to coffee. I am always interested in talking to people to share ideas and solve problems, feel free to shoot a DM or email if you want to reach out.

I also like reading books and will be writing about them, these won’t be reviews but just my thoughts put on paper.

The website is currently hosted via Github Pages here.


Last Edited On: 2019, 12, 19